QUESTION: What does the ONTRAPORT to Wishlist Plugin help do and what doesn't it do relating to setting access levels on content in the WP site and release dates of content to additional levels? ANSWER: The primary reason to integrate ONTRAPORT and Wishlist in the way that we have, is to allow you to automate the release of content to a contact or user from within ONTRAPORT. So the restriction of content will still need to be managed from within the WL plugin. Then, with the help of this plugin, you can drip feed access, or restrict access based on a subscription payment failure by adding tags to that contact in ONTRAPORT.

QUESTION: Does the ONTRAPORT to Wishlist Plugin match the contact's email in ONTRAPORT with the Wishlist Wordpress Username field or the Wishlist email address field?

ANSWER: A user is updated or created based on the a ping URL. In that ping URL we define the email and this is also set as the username. The email of the contact in Ontraport and the Username in Wordpress become the key between the two.

QUESTION: Is there a way to update existing ONTRAPORT users with their Wishlist membership information? eg. Would I just add the Wishlist tags and then the plugin would be called to effectively re-add the same level to the Wishlist user?

ANSWER: As long as the ONTRAPORT email and the Wishlist username were congruent, then you can update the member in Wishlist. If the username is not the email, then the user in Wishlist will not be updated; even if the users email address is the same in both ONTRAPORT and Wishlist, it is the username that is important.

QUESTION: When a new user is created in ONTRAPORT and tagged with a Wishlist level, do they automatically receive an email from Wishlist with their login details, or must the login details be sent from ONTRAPORT?

ANSWER: You will send the Username, Password and Login page via ONTRAPORT based on the newly created [WL_PASSWORD] merge field and the [Email] merge field.

QUESTION: Is there a way to push existing Wishlist-only users into OP? (just to make sure everything is in sync)

ANSWER: The plugin does not have this functionality. You could export the members data from the Wordpress database as a CSV and then import this using ONTRAPORT's import feature.

QUESTION: The plugin supports adding and removing Wishlist levels. Any plans to support canceling a level with Wishlist?

ANSWER: The ONTRAPORT to Wishlist plugin is designed to assist whose who want the automation and delivery to be handled from within ONTRAPORT rather than Wishlist but retain the benefits of the Wishlist Member plugin over Pilot Press. So if something is cancelled in Wishlist it will not update ONTRAPORT. It needs to be handled all through the user in ONTRAPORT.