This a step by step guide: "How To Use UTM OAP Plugin"

  1. Download the latest version from Wordpress
  2. In your Wordpress admin upload zip file
              a. Install the uploaded file
              b. Click Activate
     3. Open the Settings for the OAP UTM plugin

              a. Click Settings
              b. Select OAP UTM Settings

     4. Add your license key 

            You can sign up to get a free 7 day trial

     5. Complete your OAP credentials

            a. API version
            b. APP ID
            c. API Key

     6. Choose from list of your OAP forms which one you would like to use with this plugin

     7. Select the fields you want to match automatically

     8. Select extra fields you wish to match

     9. Save
           a. Your selected forms will appear (this may take some time)
           b. Assign extra fields for each form

    10. Match the extra variables to their corresponding field

          a. Use the dropdown box to match the options with the corresponding OAP form
                   fname = first name
                   lname = last name
                   email = email
                   var1 (var2 etc.) can be matched to your desired form
          b. Save changes

   11. Build Tracking URL (Use Google UTM creator form to obtain URL)

   12. You can choose to add other variables
   13. Run a Test

        a. Open new browser
        b. Clear cookie data
        c. Open new URL

  14. In the resource tab

       a. Select cookie data
       b. Validate cookie data

  15. Test and Check the result in ONTRAPORT 

  16. Referring page

       a. This page will be added automatically once you have set Extra Fields (see number 8)
       b  Test this page by going to google and search your website
       c. Open the site and the referal page will be automatically set by the plugin

  17. Pre-fill first name and email