1. Download the Bulletini Plugin from http://bulletini.rocks
  2. Upload the downloaded zip file to your /wp-content/plugins folder and extract the files or directly upload into Wordpress via the plugin uploader tool.
  3. Activate the Plugin in your Wordpress Admin
  4. Open the Bulletini Plugin Settings
  5. Submit your License Key or the FREETRIAL key
  6. Connect to ONTRAPORT with you APP ID and API KEY
  7. Configure the Content Type Settings - Save
  8. Configure the Content Number Settings - Save
  9. Setup the Additional Fields in your account. Give the plugin time to save.
  10. Check if the fields have been created in your ONTRAPORT Account
  11. Check that the content field matching is populated correctly - If not, refresh the browser.
  12. Configure and Install a template into your ONTRAPORT Account
  13. Check that the template has been installed by clicking Edit Message
  14. Turn on UTM settings if you want to track links
  15. Sync with at least 1 contact but no more than 5 for the first attempt. Do this by selecting a tag that only 5 or less contacts have in your ONTRAPORT account.
  16. Check to see that contacts have content populated in their contact records
  17. Send the newly added template to at least one of the test contacts to test.
  18. If the email looks good on arrival then you have set up the Bulletini Plugin successfully. Well Done!